Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vine and the Branches, redux

The following is what happens when you go to a women's retreat and discover that you can meditate on God's Word with the learning strength/intelligence that God created you with.  My strengths are verbal/linguistic and musical/rhythmic, and during a short exercise, we were given a passage of scripture to "meditate" on using our learning strength.  So this is my 7 minute meditation, a poem of sorts that describes what I think the branch may feel like - because, after all, I know what that feels like.  :)

I am connected. 
Green, growing, full of life, energy flowing.  I can feel strength because I am connected.  My power, my life blood flows from my connection to the vine that is firmly rooted in the ground.
My leaves grow as I dwell.  I grow, going through spring, new life, new growth, new breadth and length in my life and existence.
In summer season, I endure, existing on the fluid that I cannot draw up on my own, withstanding in its strength the brutal heat and destruction of the sun.
Autumn comes, and I let go of the things that I hold onto too dearly, knowing that by doing so, He will bring great things.
Winter seems bleak and bare, darkness and no life – but do not despair, for in due season, the promise of life, rebirth and growth, will come forth from where it hides in the cold and quiet. 
It will burst out again as if in song, showing His handiwork as I go through the pain of flowering, growing, stretching a little more toward the perfect shape and form the Vine has already decided I should be, and provided the sustenance for.

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