Monday, August 1, 2011

Everything Changes

I got to talk on the phone yesterday to a dear friend.  She left our town over a year ago, and though I’ve been able to see her a couple of times in the last year, soon she will be leaving for another country.  I’m so proud of her and her family, taking a major step in their lives and following God’s leading to be missionaries in Africa.  But I am selfishly wishing that they weren’t going.  Of course, I also selfishly wish that none of our kids (and I mean my other good friends and I as well) would get any older, because it causes change and separation.  And that we wouldn’t grow any older either (I mean, hey, while I’m dreaming of impossible things…).
 I’m afraid more than anything else I guess.  I don’t like change much – I like my lists and schedules and plans.  Even if I know God must snicker at them sometimes.  I don’t like that my kids may not remember their friends when they come back in 4 years.  And the phone call yesterday reminded me that phone calls won’t be easy or often from another country.  (makes me glad for internet – at least I can keep up with a blog and FB!)  So that call yesterday was more than just a conversation – it was a wonderful surprise and a treasured time. 

 Thankfully, it also reminded me that the relationships we have here may change, but our Father does not!  Praise God!  His love and care for us does not change, no matter how old we or our kids are or where we move to  - even when we don’t reciprocate!  He remains the same, yesterday, today, tomorrow.  And he wants us to have that relationship with Him, even – and maybe especially – when our lives change constantly around us.   I’m glad that something in my life remains constant.  In a world filled with change, it’s good to know He doesn’t.

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  1. Amen to that! It was good to talk to you. I miss you bunches and I hate change, too! God has a funny way of moving us out of our comfort zones, doesn't he? I'm so glad he's the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, someone we can always count on, no matter what! Love ya friend!